Drew has been tremendously supportive to a number of Inspiring Scotland charities through his involvement with the Inspiring Scotland supporters group. He is a top class coach, with a very distinctive style which gets the best out of the senior managers he works with. This reflects not only great intuition and commitment, but reflects Drew's passion for people development. All the people he has worked with comment on how incredibly fortunate they have been to have Drew shape them into becoming not only better and more effective leaders of their organisations but better people. A rare skill

Elaine Crichton
Pro Bono Executive at Inspiring Scotland

My coaching experience with Drew was incredibly positive, powerful and enlightening. It challenged me to think differently, to try new techniques, to grow in confidence as a leader and to lessen my negative self-talk. As a bonus it also helped on a personal level too -which of course is so connected to your performance in work. It helped me to think about complex negotiations and to change my behaviours in them; to maximise the impact and result for my organisation. I was also able to work towards my 3-year strategy and business goals. My coaching with Drew was liquid gold – I cannot thank you enough for giving me this experience -it was a goal changer!

Karen Moore
CEO, Scottish Waterways Trust

There are moments in life which are pivotal in that they result in permanent change. With incredible accuracy and complete clarity Drew quickly identified areas of my skill set to optimise, for better professional results while recommending approaches to achieve this. Drew has taught me techniques and theory around behaviour change and relationship management which I have utilised for improved results. For me my work with Drew has been a life changing experience and I am now looking at life and my career through an augmented lens. Drew is a world class executive coach.

Dougie Stevenson
Managing Director - Street League - Scotland

I met Drew in January 2016 regarding the potential of going through his coaching programme for executives. I found him to be a very likeable guy and thought that I could easily work with him, and therefore decided to sign up. I met him every couple of weeks for a few hours at a time, with Drew using various coaching techniques to identify my strengths and weaknesses. I have participated in leadership and mentoring programmes in the past and would highly recommend Drew to anyone, as he presses your inner character to ensure you realise what kind of leader you are and recognise your full potential. The benefits from the programme will last my working career and I'm now passing those benefits on to the communities I serve, my staff and the overall organisation. Brilliant!

Jimmy Wilson

I worked with Drew and reported to him at Accenture. He is a fantastic mentor and coach. He is pragmatic, patient, always made the time and offered real advice on career paths and development opportunities. His deep experience and ability to see the broader picture were extremely helpful and insightful. Career development was important to me and Drew played a key part in helping me to essentially develop my career and discover answers for myself, and for me to realise and maximise and unlock my own performance. He was outstanding in gently guiding me to take the lead. I have a very high regard and respect for Drew and his advice and guidance have been second to none.

Ruqaiyah Jaffery
Head of Marketing, Middle East - at The Boston Consulting Group

Drew was my Mentor and Business Coach for 6 months in my capacity as CEO of Grassmarket Community Project charity and social enterprises. Drew was methodical and used standardised tools and templates for self-assessment, reflection and engaging in discussion with me my skills, my approaches, my leadership and the management of my team and business. Drew balanced an directive style with a warm and supportive approach to the needs of a CEO and my organisation. He applied pressure and brought much needed discipline to my work patterns and our organisational systems - demonstrating a faith and belief in me and my organisation which is often hard to hear and yet really unlocked my potential to succeed and excel in running of our social businesses. Drew is thoughtful and inspiring with huge amounts of coaching and business experience. He opened my mind to possibilities and engaged my thinking at a higher level of personal and professional development than I would have considered without his coaching skills and support. At times I found Drew challenging - in no bad way whatsoever and yet he was respectful of my experience, allowed me to fight more corner and appreciated my passion for my work and compassion for those my charity supports. If you want to sharpen your leadership, bring a little focus and discipline and structure to yourself, your organisation or member of your team then I cannot recommend Drew enough. The success of our business in the last 6 months which has been considerable financially and in social impact terms is due in part to his support, encouragement and guidance. I am grateful to him as is my organisation

Jonny Kinross
Chief Executive at Grassmarket Community Project